Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm baaaaaack!

Well, it's been awhile since I've blogged about ... well, anything ... so it's time to get back in the swing of things again. This Spring has been a super-busy time for us. DJ is playing baseball (playoffs are this weekend & I'm not sure if we should be praying for a win or a loss!), Ella J is walking & talking up a storm - it seems just in the last couple of weeks that she's repeating every, single word that we say (although "dog" is her favorite, followed by "where Mike?"). Aside from baseball, which DJ alternately hates and loves, we've been to Clemson, SC to see a baseball game (which was rained out) and to visit with friends (Casey & Martha Ann ... all I can say about that is Thor Hyerdahl). We've been to Pigeon Forge, TN to camp with Michelle & Jason & Jamison & Macy & Julie & Brent & Jacob & Nate & Ann Marie & Todd & Ashlyn & Jake & it was so much fun, even if we didn't get to do s'mores because it rained cats & dogs - at least the kids got to enjoy the pool. We just got back from St. Augustine, Fl where my cousin got married, which was beautiful - even the part where walking to the car from the Casa Monica (about 3 blocks) meant walking in several inches of water. And we're reading Genesis to Dylan, which means talking about why there are no pictures of dinosaurs in his kids NIV Bible (and that's what God meant by "faith like a child" - I'm convinced!!).

So, I'm posting a few pics and hopefully, I'll be back soon with something important to say ... ha.

Hope you all are enjoying the last days of school and getting ready to enjoy some time at home or away from home (vacations ROCK!) with those you love ... keep me posted.