Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's fall, Y'all!

Wow ... it's Fall! I'm so thrilled that the weather has finally started to turn - it's just amazing how God times things just perfectly so that just as we're becoming tired of one season, it's time for another! I love how Summer fades to Fall as the days begin to grow shorter and cooler, the freshness of the air. I remember not too very long ago that as the Summer was coming to an end and school starting back up that my friends and I would be counting the days until Thanksgiving Break and then Christmas Break - it hardly seemed that they could get here soon enough. But I know that I'm getting older when the days seem to fly by and the months here and gone before we've gotten used to writing September. See? It's the First Day of October - can you believe it? It's been a full month, this first month of school - visiting grandparents, children's choir, riding lessons, adult choir, work, volunteering, journal-ing, saying good-bye to friends & hello to new opportunities ... And now we start fresh with another month of more of the same, yet not at all the same!

Am I rambling? I'm sure it seems that way - there's just so much going on and so few words to string together to share it all ... Dylan & Mike saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3-D last week (they both loved it; Mike loved that Mr. T & Neal Patrick Harris are voices & they both loved "Steve" - you really have to see it to understand! And of course there was flying food ...) Dylan has taken his first riding lesson with the much-loved Miss Hannah & Rambo (pics to come, I promise) - he wrote in this in his journal about it:

Today was the best day of my life!!!! (exclamation points all his!)

And this week Mike and his Dad took Dylan to his first MLB game ... for those of you who know Mike, you see the importance of this event ... Dylan, however, was much more interested in riding the MARTA - but the Braves did win (4-0 over the Marlins) and Chipper hit a home run, so all were pleased.
I am going in about 10 different directions right now - planning recreation for children's choir each week, Rice Bowls, and just started Bible Study Fellowship and the Study of The Gospel of John. And subbing at the high school nearest our home, so reading a lot of Teen Fiction - which I love and hate at the same time. (So if you have questions about what your teenager is reading, I'm your girl!!)

BUSY is the word at our house, so I'm thinking of taking a week to slow down, clean up , stay home ... but not sure when that will happen! Fall is so great, but I know that before I can blink it will be winter and ...then ... well, you get the idea!
Hope you all are well and happy ... can't wait to hear what's going on with you ... so leave a comment or e-mail me or ...


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